Over the past decade my professional work has developed into three distinct strands of practice. The following sections consider my practice in the context of Adult Education, Community Leadership and Civic Engagement.

First looking at the investments made in developing each area through professional practice and scholarship, I consider the impact of my work through the lens of others with a focus on evidence and evaluation. Taking time to reflect on each strand individually, I offer thoughts on how my practice has developed over the years, identifying common themes, the strengths and weaknesses in approaches and how my practice is most likely to develop in the future. Each with its own character and purpose, there is significant overlap, similarities and complementary elements found between the individual strands presented.

A collective look of all three strands is offered in the Reflective Synthesis where I provide thoughts on the commonalities across my broader practice, how work within each strand supports the others, the opportunities for growth and areas for attention, and how my practice can provide value to the communities I serve. Connected to relevant literature and the broader systems it exists within, this synthesis provides a deeper analytical consideration of my practice building upon the reflections included for each individual strand.