Table of Contents


A short reflection on my perspectives regarding the creation of this professional portfolio prior to embarking on the process itself.

Table of Contents

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Executive Summary

An overview of the structure, intended audience and purpose of this portfolio.

Philosophical Statement

A look at how my beliefs, values and goals have shaped my philosophy of education and influence how I support others in achieving their goals.

Strands of Practice

Identifies the three distinct strands of professional practice that my work has developed into over the past decade—Adult Education, Community Leadership and Civic Engagement.

Adult Education

An overview of my contributions to the field of adult education focusing on professional practice in traditional and community settings.

Community Leadership

An overview of the contributions I have made to the communities I feel most connected to considering both volunteer and professional roles primarily within the not-for-profit sector.

Civic Engagement

An outline of the work I have completed with individuals and organizations for the purposes of civic engagement, focused primarily on grassroots projects, activations and resource development.


A detailed look at my professional work including professional practice, scholarship and evidence and evaluation, complete with timeframes and descriptions.

Reflective Synthesis

An analysis of this portfolio that reflects on the included elements which considers myself as a professional and how I have developed and continue to shape my practice, skills, knowledge and abilities.


Scholarly literature, professional documents and other works cited throughout this portfolio.


Documents, artifacts, press and other materials collected in support of the statements made throughout this portfolio.

Appendix A: Professional Practice

Offered as examples of the contributions I have made while in assumed roles, the documents, websites, policies and teaching materials included in this section are representative of a large and diverse body of work.

Appendix B: Scholarship

An overview of the scholarship opportunities I participate in to better inform the understanding I have of myself and the action I take.

Appendix C: Evidence and Evaluation

Examples of feedback, press, awards and documentation from outside sources provide evidence of the impact and influence my work has had through the lens of others.


A look back at the process of creating this professional portfolio and the impact it has had on my growth as an adult educator and community development practitioner.